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Our company is active since 1988 in the entertainment industry by providing services, equipment

sound and lighting facilities, qualified personnel, and all that is necessary for the 'preparation

of each type of event and event, is to 'open and indoors.

The expertise gained in over twenty-five years of activity allows us to propose to the

 provision of the following types of services:

Technical Services 

The types of work that best represent us are the comprehensive technical services such as concerts, plays, dance and ballet - which were our starting point - and events, architectural lighting, fashion shows, conventions, festivals and sporting events , which have been the natural evolution of our expertise, enriched by each new job.

The network of contacts with other companies allows us to provide complementary, remaining single reference for the customer, complete packages of services that may include stages, covers, sets and video equipment.

Electrical Distribution

The materials available at our warehouse are also used for the realization of Temporary installations for the transport and distribution of electric power for all the power cuts: by the hundreds of kW needed

for large events, to the widespread distribution of utilities from 1.5 / 3/6 KW for popular events.

We also have emergency lights powered by various

format, and sets to be combined with light towers for lighting

service or emergency of large open spaces (parking lots,

squares, etc.).


The elements stagecraft and lighting equipment at our disposal allow us to set up the exhibition spaces of various kinds; one of the most significant was the lighting of the exhibition of Keith Haring, in 2012, at the Church of San Francesco in Udine

Sports Events

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The ability to build or modify elements

scenic directly at our office It enables us to set up

spaces not equipped, to make them suitable

to accommodate conventions or formal meetings in

any kind of environment, with the ability to enhance

the suggestively architectural structures.

Technical management and custodial services

The technical service is the logistics of the room, checking the technical equipment, and coordination between all the activities that take place within it, both leattività programmed for activities related to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

An ancillary service to the management of theaters and auditoriums is the case, with the services of opening, closing, host of the concessionaire or the company, and management of the formalities of delivery of the 'work area.

Our staff is capable of carrying out of his assigned tasks at high risk for fire, with certificate issued by the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade of Udine, and therefore can be part, if necessary, the emergency team.

We can offer conventions and customize the service object based on the specific needs of the organization.


As of inspection, and continuing with the design, we are able to support the body in 'organization of' event; we can indicate the best solutions according to the available budget, or fulfill the specific requirements and the project to result


Our company is enabled the installation of electrical and electronic systems in accordance with DM 37/2008 - A and B. We are then able

also to take care of the realization of fixed installations, supplying and installing facilities necessary stage.

In addition to electrical systems, we are able to supply and install modular structures, hoists, draperies, curtains, pulleys, and all

the types of equipment necessary to the improvement of services of the stage. As regards the needs of design, we rely on a technical study engineering which deals with

verify and formalize the terms of our labor law.

Maintenance and repair

Our office is also equipped with a small machine shop and carpentry, and electrical engineering and electronic laboratory for the maintenance and repair of equipment.

Among other activities, we take care of even the periodic testing of the equipment hoisting ropes of a theater of municipal management.

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